Membership advantages

Certification program

Selected IoT devices and solutions are certified to be compliant with Orange networks.

New business opportunities

As part of the Orange products and solutions repository, Foreground is the place where to showcase online.

Management solution

To get the best out of a repository Foreground provides an extended management solution with analytics.



IoT partners


IoT solutions and devices



IoT partners testimonials

‘Ercogener was fortunate to be Orange's technology partner for testing and deploying the LTE-Cat M1 network. This confidence of the Orange teams allows us to be the first to introduce a French solution industrialized and certified on this technology.’

Ludovic de Nicolays

Chief Executive Officer - ercogener

‘Orange is like many of our other partners, but bigger. They’re using our technology and building their own software on our APIs (application program interfaces) for their live events, logistics and manufacturing and also for healthcare.’

Thomas Hasselman

Chief Marketing Officer - Quuppa

‘Thanks to Orange's LoRaWAN network, these are new opportunities that open up to us to offer connected, automated solutions that can monitor the cold chain with the precision, reliability and security that is essential for all professionals subject to Quality requirements.’

Eric Cartalas

General Manager - Jri

‘The Orange and adeunis partnership has been built over the past three years around two key values: trust and expertise. The addition of the quality of the Orange network and the linked products creates real added value for our customers.’

Franck Fischer

Deputy Chief Executive Officer - adeunis

Certification is key

Detecting network issues
Testing battery life
Checking security
Preventing customer crisis